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Crown Lifting / Reductions

A Crown reduction is the reduction in the overall height and spread of the tree canopy.  This is usually specified by a percentage and often this is by 10%, 20% or 30%, by shortening the branches to suitable growth points to maintain as far as possible the shape and form of the trees.

The operation of crown reduction is a matter of careful consideration when pruning and must not be considered an easy task.  All branches need to be cut back to a point of growth and all final cuts should be made at an angle so the tree incurs the least possible injury in accordance with the latest recognised pruning practices as laid out in regulations published and taught by NPTC.

Crown Reductions, Lifting and Thinning

Crown Reductions, Lifting and Thinning

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is the practise that consists of the removal of the lower branches from the main stem or branch system up to the required height.

Although the tree looks more visually appealing when the lift is to the whole crown, the lift may only be required over the highway 5.5m or footpath 2.4m (UK legislation for Highways Tree Cutting) or when needed, to avoid street furniture or street lighting

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