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Dismantling / Sectional Felling

Sectional Felling / Dismantling

Sectional Felling / Dismantling

Trees to be felled in sections will be dismantled with the use of lowering ropes and specialist breaking systems. The tree is dismantling and broken down by a climber from rope and harness, using either a top handled or back handled chainsaw. This is a skilled operation and should only be carried out an experienced and competent arboricultural team. The tree is broken down in small controllable sections and either free fallen or lowered to ground by a roping system.

Trees to be dismantled are generally carried out in sites of restricted access or confined areas and are an alternative to the direct felling of trees.

There are many specialist rigging techniques involving in dismantling and Arb Access Ltd would be happy to discuss options without our clients, prior to work commencing on site.
Trees can also be dismantled using mobile elevated work platforms and cranes and must be a consideration under the “Working at Height Regulations”.

For further information or to discuss your project requirements – no matter how big or small! – please call Arb Access in the office on 0330 100 5465.

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