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IRATA Qualified Rope Access Team! Pat and Matthew now Qualified to join the rest of the IRATA team!

Arb Access employs a team of highly qualified and experienced rope access technicians who carry out de vegetation works using a rope access techniques.  Latest to pass the IRATA Rope Access Level 1 course is Matthew and Patrick!

Well done to Matthew and Patrick for passing the course and getting on the ropes!  Here are a few pics from our latest project on the rail.  We are carrying out embankment clearance and light scaling to a site in Plymouth for Balfour Beatty Rail.

The project is now in its later stages and things have gone fantastically well so far!

Matthew on the ropes carryout out De Vegetation works to steep railway embankments using IRATA Rope Access Techniques

Matthew on the ropes carrying out De Vegetation works to steep railway embankments using IRATA Rope Access Techniques


Rope Access IRATA Techniques were using to safely remove vegetation from Railway Embankments during a T3 Night Possession


Rope Access on Railway Embankments During Possession


Rope access working enables our team of arborists to safetly access hard to reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or powered access. Rope Access avoids the use of expensive equipment such as scaffold towers and MEWPS and provides a much more affordable and safe method to carry out works required by our clients on the railway infrastructure.  Arb Access care about the environment and IRATA Rope Access Techniques avoid the need for any machinery use on site which is damaging to the environemnt – this is another great reason why our clients are choosing to use rope access working methods.

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