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Stump Removal

Stump removal is the complete removal of the stump and main root of the tree and may be undertaken either by the use of a stump grinding machine or by hand tools when possible.


Stump Grinding In Process


Where hand tools are the chosen method, a winch is generally utilised.  The winch can be anchored to a nearby tree, adequate measures will be taken to ensure that the anchor tree is fully
Stump grinding involves the removal of the stump and root bole to a specified depth, which will depend on the species and maturity, but is generally between 150mm and 300mm.
When the stump has been removed, the hole will be back-filled with soil or grinding waste to leave a level surface.
Before all excavations CAT scanning of the area will be carried out to prevent any damages to underground services and to ensure the work is being carried out safely.

To discuss the requirements of your project or to find out more about stump removal, call the office on 0330 100 5465.

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