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Vegetation Clearance – Network Rail

Project Type – Commercial
Sector:  Rail Sector
Specification:  6m Clearance

Arb Access were contracted to carry out de-vegetation works for Network Rail.  The site various lengths of the railway track cover in excess of 3 miles.  Vegetation needed to be cut back to a minimum of 6m in distance from the tracks and to the sky, to ensure the safety of the public and the train infrastructure.

These various sections of track meant a lot of skilled climbing and dismantling with certain parts of the project requiring closures to the tracks whilst work is carried out safely under possession.

This site had it’s challenges due to very steep and slippery banks and due to the distance we were working in relation to the tracks.  These sites required a COSS and Site Warden at all times through the project.   This scheme was a very successful project for us.  Work commenced in January 2015 and was completed in March 2015.

Before and After Photos - 6m Clearance

Before and After Photos – 6m Clearance

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